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Metro-Detroit Tree Planting Programs

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In this 3-part series, Greening Your Home, you’ll learn ways to make your home more energy-efficient while also saving you money in the long run. Caring about the environment and being “green” can be easier than you think as a homeowner. Today we’re reviewing metro-Detroit tree planting programs.

Did you know that by adding a tree to your yard, you can increase your property value and save on energy costs? Maybe the cost or your lack of a green thumb is holding you back?

No worries since there are some great programs in our area that can help! Read on for more information on some of the metro-Detroit tree planting programs.

Why Trees Help Your Home

  • Trees boost curb appeal. The presence of larger trees in yards and as street trees can add value to your home.  I’ve seen sources calling out anywhere from 3% to 37% which is a crazy-wide range. Whatever the number, buyers view homes with mature trees as more desirable.  I know the mature trees were part of why I fell in love with my current neighborhood.

Be Not Afraid

Many homeowners are intimidated by the idea of planting a tree in their yard. Sometimes, you just have to feel the fear and go for it. (Classic 90s movie reference alert!)

Most cities have a list of recommended shade trees you can plant in your yard. This list will help you narrow down which species of tree you would like to plant. Once you order your tree, you can either hire a professional to help with the planting or the world wide web is full of information on how to successfully plant a tree. Your tree will come with basic care instructions. Follow those instructions, and you should be just fine!

Now that you’re considering taking the plunge on planting, let’s talk about some local programs that might be available to help you on your way.

Metro-Detroit Tree Planting Programs

There are many local programs in the metro-Detroit area that can help you in your quest to save energy and green up your yard. I have called out a few local programs below. If I didn’t cover your town, mosey on over to your locality’s website and see if they have something to offer. If your locality isn’t offering a program, be sure to let your elected officials know you are interested in seeing a program put into place.

Plymouth Township

Funded with grants and donations, the Residential Tree Planting Program provides Plymouth township residents with a free 6-8 foot tree for their yard.  The resident is responsible for installation and care for the tree.  Resident can pay a reasonable fee to have the tree planted for them.  For 2021, the installation fee was $125.  Keep an eye on the website for when the program opens for applications. 

City of Plymouth

The City of Plymouth offers a program for planting trees in the right-of-way of your yard.  City crews will plant, stake and mulch the tree.  The cost in 2021 ranges from $205 to $290 depending on the tree you pick.  Visit the trees and forestry webpage for information on this program. 


In Novi, you can request that the Forestry Division plant a tree by calling 248-735-5640.  They will review whether it makes sense for a tree to be located there.  If so, the city will select the tree and plant it for you during their seasonal planting. 


Westland also has a tree program, specifically aimed at replacing those trees lost to the invasive Emerald Ash Borer insect. For a nominal fee, the City will plant a new tree that is resistant to this insect. Each new tree is warrantied for 1 year, with proper care and maintenance.  In 2021, the cost to this program was $95.

What’s up, Livonia?

Notably missing from this list is Livonia.  What’s up with that, Livonia?  Despite being a Tree City USA designee, Livonia does not appear to have a program supporting citizens taking the initiative to plant trees on their property.  Readers, give me a shout if you know something I don’t know!

Keep a look out for any local community tree programs that might offer reduced-priced trees native to your area. Sometimes these events can be held once a year and include help with planting and how-to’s on tree care. Many groups are concerned with the tree canopy in certain neighborhoods and want to help homeowners plant trees.

Happy planting! As always, I’m here to help. If you need help getting started, give me a shout.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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