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9 Ideas for Summer Fun in Metro-Detroit

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Jessica Dabkowski

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Last week, I gave you some ideas for spicing up your outdoor space so you can stay home. This week, I’m deviating from my norm to give you 9 reasons to leave your house and have some summer fun in metro-Detroit!

I don’t always appreciate all that metro-Detroit has to offer in the summer, so I sat down and compiled a little list of fun activities to share with you and myself!

1. Livonia Spree, June 21-26

Every year, Livonia throws itself the birthday bash to end all birthday bashes, lasting a full week. This year, it will have a carnival, car show, music entertainment, a 5k run for all you running enthusiasts, and a “Grand Finale Fireworks Extravaganza.”

Visit for more information.

2. Plymouth Art in the Park, July 8-10

Art in the Park, now in its 42nd year, draws in artists and art lovers from all over the country. You can view and purchase a wide variety of art or craft work, including jewelry, glass, woodwork, photography and much more. It also offers food, beverage (the lemonade! I always buy the biggest one with its 80 bazillion grams of sugar), music, kid-friendly activities such as an interactive theater experience, and other live music.

Visit for more information.

3. Tigers Game

Taking in a ball game is the true flavor of summer for me. The breeze in the park, the concession stand food and the crack of a bat meeting a ball! Did you know the Tigers executives have TVs in their office? Yep, so they can have the day games on while they work. (I do not lie, perk of the job!).

On Friday nights, the Tigers end the game with fireworks. Some games have special giveaways, such as “Patriotic Print All Over Shirt” presented by Miller Lite. Win or lose, you’ll always have that patriotic print Miller Lite shirt!

Book tickets at

4. Detroit Zoo: Dinosauria, May 28-Sept. 5

The Detroit Zoo is playing host to Dinosauria this summer. Dinosauria is an “immersive walk-through experience.” It features a 3-acre walking trail with over 29 animatronic dinosaurs, multiple hands on fossil dig sites, and a T-Rex photo op. Of course, there will also be lots of junk your kid (or grandkid) will cry to buy in the gift shop. I really wish they would have a Jeff Goldblum easter egg, because that would be hilarious. (**Scratches chin, wonders if she can sneak in full-size cardboard cutout of Jeff Goldblum.**)

Visit for more information.

5. Farmers Markets

During the warm season, many cities feature a weekend Farmers Market. It’s a great place to check out local vendors, pick up fresh produce and connect with your community.

I regularly forget to visit our local one, so I wanted to call them out for you. There are too many to name, but be sure to check out your local farmers market. Shop local, eat local!

6. Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village takes you back to a simpler time. It features 7 historic districts, including Working Farms, Main Street, and Edison at Work. You can experience a ride on a Model-T, horse-drawn carriage or a steam locomotive. You can learn about early American handcrafting, enjoy a historic dining experience or just stroll around the beautiful grounds.

Learn more at

7. The Summer Drive-In

Drive-In movies always make me think of Rizzo, Sandy, Danny and the rest of the gang from Grease. Beauty schoooool drop ouuuuuut, no graduation day for youuuuuuuu.

The Summer Drive-In is located at the USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth. They often pair movies together for a delightful double feature. Sound is broadcast through your car’s FM radio. They show current movies as well as throwbacks, and they also have family-friendly features.

Visit for more information.

8. Water parks and splash pads

Over the last five years, splash pads have proliferated all over metro-Detroit, and the kids are loving them! (And the parents are loving how the kids fall asleep at the dinner table, #win!)

Here are a few of the ones I am aware of:

  • Flodin Park Splash Playground (Canton)
  • Heritage Park Splash Playground (Canton)
  • Heritage Park Splash Pad (Farmington Hills)
  • Splash-N-Blast (Milford) – Winner of Best Name!
  • The Sprayscape Lake Township Park (Oxford)
  • The Sprayscape (Plymouth Township)
  • H2O Zone Spray Ground Park (Westland)

If you needs something a little bit bigger than a splash pad, you can drive out to Michigan Adventure & Wild Water Adventure, Great Wolf Lodge, Waterford Oaks Waterpark or several other parks within driving distance.

9. Michigan Renaissance Festival, Weekends Only, Aug. 20 – Oct. 2

The Michigan Renaissance Festival transports you back to the 16th century. Set up as the village of Hollygrove, the festival draws LARP enthusiasts (google it) and curiosity-seekers alike. It features over 100 artisans and their handcrafted goods, musicians, jugglers, magicians and, legit, jousting…on horses. Food is available, from snacks all the way up to a the Feast of Fantasy, a 6-course meal. One year, I had the giant turkey leg, and IT. WAS. AWESOME.


What did I miss? 👇🏼👇🏼 Drop a comment below if you have an awesome local event for some summer fun in metro-Detroit you want to share with the class. 👇🏼👇🏼

As always, I’m here to help with all your homeownership needs! Catch you next week. 😎

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