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5 Design Trends for Fall 2022

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Jessica Dabkowski

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Everywhere you look you’ll find pumpkin-spiced . . . well, everything! It must be fall in metro-Detroit. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m (vaguely) looking forward to cooler weather. This week we’re talking design trends for fall 2022.

As we move into the fall, I always like to poke around in the design trends that we’ll be seeing for fall and winter. As I read these articles, I always find it fascinating to consider that somewhere there are a few influential people who decide that a specific design aesthetic will be “IN” this season.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The design gods have spoken.

Color Palettes Favor Warmth

Last year, I revealed that (GASP!) gray is out. The nebulous “they” apparently haven’t changed their minds.

Warm colors have crept back in over the last year, and they are settling in to stay awhile. I find this sort of exciting, not having used a warm color palette in my home since 2014.

Green is still in, everything from mossy green to restful sage. I’m still eying up that Evergreen Fog, last year’s Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams.

Also, chocolate browns, light camel tones and some peachy beiges. Paired with soft off-whites and neutral beiges, you can create a soothing, restful space.

Camel face
Camel is in!

Paint is one of the easiest ways to change up your space without long-term commitment. I mean “easy” in terms of you throw a coat of something new up over it to change up the space.

For those bolder folks among us, pops of jewel tones such as purple and berry are also popping up. Everything from throw pillows to ottomans to couches and headboards, pops of color can be used to impart a fun aesthetic and draw the eye to a feature piece.

A Questionable Throwback

I almost spit out my morning coffee when I read this next trend. I had to verify that it was referenced in several articles before I could commit it to words.

For good or bad, we’re going to be seeing a 70s revival. Now, I didn’t live through this design delight the first time around, but I did witness the aftermath in the form of the horrendous eyesores built on Notre Dame’s “mod quad” section of campus. As one of my friends said, “They should just tear Mod Quad down and start over.”

Luckily, designers seem to be attempting to draw from this era in a way to evoke the feel of the 70s, without a completely literal translation.

Yes, shag pile rugs (instead of wall-to-wall shag carpet), fun geometric shapes, and lots of curves. Also, natural materials like cork and rattan, ceramics and, GASP, according to one designer, MACRAME wall hangings. I don’t even know where to go with that one.

Shiba Inu Dog on rug
I might consider a shaggy rug if I could borrow this little shagball for a few hours.

This throwback makes sense to me because we associate a lot of browns and warm colors like orange and terracotta with those 1970s palettes. I, for one, am very interested to see how this trend plays out.

Colorful Tiles & Warm Marble

For years, we’ve seen white subway tile and Carrera-style marble dominate any space where tile was laid. The other tile styles feel they have been suppressed for long enough and will start to make their way back into design.

So long, white subway tile. We had a good run.

Marble-look tiling is still here, but it’s transitioning to alternative palettes. One being, of course, warm browns (This far into the article, I don’t think I’m shocking you with this info). But also, some pinks as well.

Tan and pink marble
The warm tones are infiltrating every category!

Colorful patterned tiles are also coming back into favor, sometimes in less traditional places. One article mentioned headboards – whaaaa? Interesting. But fireplaces, backsplashes and bathroom floors are all places we’ll start to see more of those colorful mosaic styles.

Some designers are touting the bold pattern designs while other are using more nature-inspired tiles, such as green foliage or blue mosaics mimicking the ocean.

Either way, I’m ready to see some colorful interest back where we’ve previously seen a sea of white and gray.

Goodbye Hygge, Hello Lagom

Hygge, a nebulous Danish concept, is defined as “a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable.” I tried to read that “Little Book of Hygge”, but I just couldn’t get into it. Which turns out to be good I didn’t waste the time, because Hygge is out and Lagom is in.

Lagom paper with silverware
Hygge had a good run, but make way for something new.

Lagom, a Swedish concept is about “living a balanced, moderately paced, low-fuss life.” Well, heck, sign me up! Do they offer classes?

This trend is less about the visual aesthetics of a design element, and more about the functionality of your space. Sustainability is at the core of this lifestyle, so eco-friendly materials, durability and the lifecycle of your items are important.

Like Hygge, wood is a big design element we see in Lagom. Also high quality natural fibers – think cotton, linen and wool. It incorporates traditional Nordic design elements, such as neutral soothing colors.

Lagom also means being happy with what you have. Make the most out of the space and furniture you already have. Upcycle or thrift for new items. Keep your space less full and minimize unnecessary items.

Curvy Makes a Comeback

Everywhere I looked, the articles were screaming that curves are hot for our design trends for fall 2022. Curved furniture was a big one, along with other organic shapes such as arches and scallops. Headboards are another popular outlet for this trend.

Curved couch in living room
Curved furniture is softening up the lines of a room.

After the clean lines of the mid-century modern craze, it may be refreshing to have a freeform couch to softly cocoon you in your Snuggie on a cold winter night. (Yes, I own a variation of the snuggie. It changed my life.)

There are your five design trends for Fall 2022. What are you going to incorporate into your home this fall?

As always, reach out if I can help in any way. See you next week!

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