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5 Interior Design Trends of 2024

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Jessica Dabkowski

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Out with the old and in with the new – let’s talk interior design trends of 2024. What trends are making their way into a home near you? What trends have been banished to the distant future? (I mean, we know they never truly go away!)

As I sit here writing this article in my favorite coffee shop, the temperature approaches 70 degrees. YES! Full blown “False Spring” shows its trickster face, my friends. Do not be fooled. It will dip below freezing again before we get to the real deal. But we can still talk about the spring interior design trends for this year.

Anyways, much like the women’s jeans section of the department store, I’m afraid we have a bit of an “anything goes” situation going on right now. Yes, the design gods proclaim 2024 the year of individuality. I know I’ve been saying we’ll be saying goodbye to white on white on white rooms and sleek lines with no clutter for two years now, but it seems like the herds are ready to follow this year. 


I’ve been seeing it all over my instagram reels, so I know it’s true. Black is the on trend color right now! Seen on doors, bedding, trim, bannisters, – you name it – black adds a strong focal point or contrast to any space.

Behr named “Cracked Pepper” their color of the year for 2024.  Black can modernize a more traditional space.  Using it on ceilings can impart drama to a space.  

In practice, I’ve been seeing blacks and moody dark charcoal grays used on entry doors and sidelight combos to really pop in an otherwise neutral entryway. I’ve also seen it on window casing and stairs.  

Room with plants, white rug, and wood grained MCM sideboard

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is a fancy way of saying “bring on the plants”. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve been moving toward bringing the outdoors into our homes and blurring the edges between our indoor and outdoor spaces.

This trend also extends to using natural materials such as stone and wood to bring more of that nature feel into your home.  The third corner of this triangle is bringing in as much natural light into the space as possible.

Textured Walls

Buckle up, this time machine is headed way back, back to a time when textured walls reigned supreme. Think plaster and stucco, not popcorn ceilings. The texture suposedly imparts warmth and sophistication to the space.  

I, personally, am not on board with this trend because you know what? In three to five years that trend will be over, and I will be stuck with textured walls. To each their own.

Arches are In

Architecturally, arches will be making a comeback, with an update flair. Look for asymmetrical or squared-off arches to make their way into design.  

Orange room with tall ceilings and multiple archways to other rooms and outside
How’s that for arches?

We may also see those curves making their way into other design entities, such as furniture as we move toward softer aesthetics. Couches, coffee tables and even dining room tables will move toward curved silhouettes. 

Bold is Beautiful

As those of us outside the design world come around to abandoning neutrals, we can expect to see people integrating bold, saturated colors, extravagant lighting and statement art work into their spaces.

I’ll be interested to see how the experts’ predictions for interior design trends translate into real world living rooms! Thanks for joining me this week. As always, I’m here to help with all your homeowner adventures, big or small. Reach out if I can help in any way.  

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