Jessica Dabkowski, also known as “Dabs”, brings an upbeat energy to her real estate practice.  The prospect of finding someone a new home or helping them sell their current home makes her feel excited by the possibilities.  An avid DIYer, she offers clients her personal experiences as it relates to whether they are ready, willing and able to take on a project or whether they need a move-in ready property.  

In 2020, Jessica and her family sold their “starter home” and moved into their “forever home” (we use the term “forever” loosely, Jessica is a serial window shopper). 

It was a little bit overwhelming to figure out how to navigate buying a new home before selling our old home – I didn’t want to end up homeless!

But as Jessica researched the different approaches to making the move, she realized that it was manageable and if navigated carefully, her family could make the move with minimal hassle. 

You might think you don’t have the time or energy to make a move, but with the right realtor, the process is manageable.  There are a lot of moving pieces, but if you are working from a plan it will all fall into place so you can live the life you’ve imagined.

Jessica’s family closed on their new home in February 2020, and their starter home became the starter home for a new family in March 2020.  Now she is on a mission to help others move into their “forever home.”